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All of the block information is listed on the landing page that shows once you click on the web link.  For your convenience, it is below:


Group name:                       Axum Alumni

Group code:                        AXU

The rate is:                          $129.00 + 14.5% tax

Rates are available:           July 14-17, 2017

Rates are valid until:          June 23, 2017 or beyond this date if available

Hotel Web Site:        


Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore

5300 W Touhy

Skokie, IL 60077

Hotel: 847 679 8900


If anyone has questions or needs assistance, please have them contact me. 




Sandra Bondi

Sales Manager

Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore Skokie

5300 W Touhy, Skokie, IL 60077

Direct:  847.763.3090 – F: 847.763.3041

Hotel:   847.679.8900






Summary of AAA Meeting Minutes in Minnesota
On January 28, 2012 I had the honor to visit Minnesota twin cities for an AAA branch meeting. I was able to meet with AAA members and supporters of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The experience was one to remember. The purpose of this meet in Minnesota was to convert our dedicated supporters from Minnesota to be official members of AAA. This mission was met and we were able to accomplish newly converted members to AAA.

   - Abebe Teklemariam

4th Axum Alumni Annual Fundraiser in Las Vegas Report

 Axum High school Laboratory Complex 
(Proposed Building Plan) 
Financing By: Axum Alumni Association 

On September 03, 2006, Axumite in North America made history. At the initiation of few 
courageous individuals, Axumite from various parts of the country gathered in Denver, Colorado to establish Axum Alumni Association (AAA). The objective of this association is mainly to improve quality of education in Axum and its environs by providing material and financial support. AAA is a charity based non-political, non-profit and non-governmental association which is registered under section 501 (3) of the US Internal Revenue code. 
During AAA 1st Anniversary in Washington D.C, AAA members and its supporters voted to contribute $1000.00 each towards financing a $2.5 Million (EB) multi purpose laboratory complex. To date, the AAA board has made several activities towards accomplishing this goal. It has made initial contact with the stake holders, acquired a site, formed a sub-committee and opened bank account as part of its project activities. The building design is now complete and the association is in a process of sending money and selecting qualified contractor to begin construction. 
The site for the proposed laboratory complex was selected in collaboration with local engineers, city and school administration to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. The proposed G+2 multi purpose laboratory building is designed to accommodate 464 students with a potential to expand in to G+ 3 building complex for an additional capacity of 200 students. The building will be constructed in to two phases. The initial phase will includes a G+2 building which will house state of the art multi discipline laboratories such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer labs along with a class room, assembly and reference area/library. The final phase will add more class room spaces to accommodate the special needs of Axum high school students. Building Layout and Floor Plan Ground Floor: Individually designed Laboratory rooms Biology Lab: Capacity for 46 students along with reference area/Library Chemistry Lab: Capacity for 48 students along with reference area/Library 

First Floor: Individually designed Computer lab 
Capacity for 52 students along with reference area/Library 

Second Floor :Class Rooms and Assembly Room 
 Three Class Rooms @40/Room: Capacity for 120 students 
Assembly Room: Capacity for 198 students 

Third Floor: Class Rooms 
Five Class Rooms @40/Room: Capacity for 200 students

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